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Christmas With the Navaho’s 2010

You are invited to Christmas With the Navaho’s 2010

Who:  Please join Vicki Talmage to deliver needed Christmas to the Native Navaho’s.  I need 30 committed people to be on my team this year, so please contact me asap at 801-205-5222. I am asking students to personally donate 20.00 each and adults to donate 50.00-100.00 each to hold their spot and add to the fuel donation for those who may have the time and vehicles to go with us, but may be out of work and short on funds. There are many ways you can help us even if you cannot come this year. I will list our needs at the bottom of this invitation.

What: Every year at this time, Vicki and her best friend Gladeeh Begay invite friends to join them in sharing the Christmas Spirit by distributing gently used warm clothing, coats, hats, boots, warm clothes, gloves, toys, food, books, school supplies, and blankets, blankets, blankets- old sleeping bags are like gold!

Where: We will caravan together with trailers full of donations and drive 6-8 hours to Lukachukai, Arizona which is about 2 hours out of Blanding, Utah.

When: We leave Sunday Dec 19th @ 1pm and return Tues evening Dec 21st, 2010.

Why: Because its fun and a privilege! Everyone comes back bonded and blessed by the love, service and friendship you will give and receive. It is the perfect way to usher in the real meaning of Christmas.

Every soul who joins us physically or with donations will be touched. If you or anyone you may know someone who would like to donate to assist us in our quest.

If you and/or your family want to come with us, we only have space for 30 people who are committed and willing to open their hearts and connect with these wonderful friends and family we have in Lukachukai, Arizona. 

We will set up camp in Gladeeh Begaye’s family Hogan. Heated by a warm wood stove, we will sleep there that night and wake early, Navaho style with their sunrise hug-service, and proceed to distribute food and clothing throughout the day.

If we can get enough people who can bring and use chainsaws, we will gather, cut and chop wood for the elderly there in the village to store up for the cold winter months ahead.

We will sleep well that night and wake again the next morning. It is Dec. 21st– Winter Solstice. What a wonderful way to share this powerful day in service to our friends here. You will love to experience a beautiful sunrise hug-service again.

We will finish up any service and distribution that we may have left to do for the people and culminate in the villages Community Center around 10am to help them prepare for their Community Christmas Gathering which they had postponed to include us! After the meal which they want to share with us, and an opportunity to share our voices, instruments and talents with them, we will wave goodbye for this year around 1pm and make our way back home.

We could use for all ages and sizes:

Warm pants, shirts, sweaters, ANYTHING warm

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Coats
  • Carhart outdoor clothing
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Blankets
  • Old sleeping bags you don’t use anymore
  • Firewood

We also need:

Building materials for a small shed or a donated shed for an elderly man who just had a kidney transplant and had all of his firewood for the season stolen. We want to gather and chop the wood for him and possibly store it safely for his recovery this winter.

  • Carpenters and tools
  • Vehicles to bring people
  • Covered trailers
  • Axes and Chainsaws with gas/oil mixture-preferably with you attached to it :)

When you reserve your spot, I will email you a short list of what you need to bring for yourself including your own food and water. You will probably end up giving away most of what you have anyway!

Any donations are appreciated.

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