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‘Tis The Giving Season

Christmas with The Navajo’s – We are in Need of Fuel Donations!

Our “Christmas with the Navajo’s” Excursion is coming up quickly, and we have one final request for our friends and family. There are 7-8 vehicles that will be transporting volunteers as well as the many donations that we have received. 2-3 vehicles will be pulling big trailers.

We are so grateful for the way that this community has pulled together and created so many donations that we will distribute this weekend. We are still in need of money donations over and above what the participants are donating to satisfy the fuel needs of the big trucks pulling the 20-foot trailers. There are several students coming and some of the participants pulling the trailers are out of work and would be blessed if we could help with the cost of gas.

Would you please forward this email to anyone who can’t come but who may still want to participate in the spirit of this by helping us with the cost of travel to and from the Reservation?

Anything that you can donate is helpful and appreciated.

Please call Noelle (801.664.2300) if you are willing to help us travel.

Click donate to enter any amount of money donation.

Thank you friends, Happy Holidays!

About Noelle

Noelle is the Raw Food Chef for Vicki Talmage and VitaeHealth. Noelle is also a full-time student at the University of Utah, completing a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography and a Minor in Computer Art Technology. Combining her two passions, Noelle is currently working with Vicki to complete several recipe books, hoping to begin their release in the coming months, and can be found updating and adding to and Vicki’s Playground.

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