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Navajo Humanitarian – A Thousand Times Thank You!

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Wow, we are overwhelmed with the amount of support we received for our 2010 Christmas with the Navajo’s. Thank you to everyone who participated by donating items, money, or time. All were appreciated by the Navajo People.

This year, a group of around 45 people joined us on the Navajo Reservation. All went smoothly on the caravan down to Arizona and we arrived in Lukachukai late in the night, grateful for the warm Hogan to shelter us from the frigid weather. Our time was spent chopping wood, building the shed, and sorting and distributing the many donations that we received. We were also privileged to experience authentic Navajo games and traditions with members of the Lukachukai community as well as surrounding communities.

This is a trip that will be remembered by many, and we can’t wait for our 2011 excursions! Stay tuned for more pictures/videos of our 2010 trip, and for information on upcoming events.

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Noelle is the Raw Food Chef for Vicki Talmage and VitaeHealth. Noelle is also a full-time student at the University of Utah, completing a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography and a Minor in Computer Art Technology. Combining her two passions, Noelle is currently working with Vicki to complete several recipe books, hoping to begin their release in the coming months, and can be found updating and adding to and Vicki’s Playground.

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