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Nov 10th, 2011

Well, I made it!  It’s really hard to work AND do the classes when I don’t feel up to snuff yet!  I’m getting better and I am having hope.

Its amazing how much emotional hits really affect your physical health.  This structural thing has really “kicked me”, so to speak.  I have dealt with things successfully on the inside of my body…yet I have little experience to this point on the structural part.  They all work together, yet I am humbly aware how much we need each other.  We are not islands, even though I felt like I was invincible.

I had my next adjustmant at the Specific Cervical Specialists yesterday, and of course, I felt a little bit better and things got a little biot worse!  I have been using the LDM- which is available in my clinic, for 4 doses and I can’t believe how well that works with the oils.  The pain of the sinus’s do not bother me after 3 doses!!  I have been “oil pulling” the Sesame oil for about 4 days now, and sure enough the sinus symptoms are reducing, and the cold sore broke out on my bottom lip…just as I was told.  I keep putting On Guard on it and some in my mouth and the cold sore is at bay during this bunch of classes that I am teaching!!  I am so happy about it!!

I am still using the magnets at night, which greatly increases the blood-flow and reduces the sinus pain while I sleep.  If you are interested in knowing more about these great additions to heal, leave a comment and I will expound more upon them.  Those magnets really enhance the herb and the oils especially when I am sleeping and my head is as low as my heart.  Without them, I have pain all night, and it is hard to get any sleep for the next day…

Well I learned two really important things yesterday…more like I was reminded of these two principles:

One, was at the Specific while I was sitting in the zero-gravity chair–that the only way we truly help people is NOT to worry about them.  When we worry, we take their power from them and they don’t have the power to solve their issue.  I always thought that taking care of others meant that they were on my mind all of the time…yet when I take care of myself (yeah, it is NOT selfish) and people are attracted to me for information or help, I have the confidence in them, and instill that confidence in them, that they can do it themselves…THEN and only then, am I truly caring about people and am truly making a difference.  As I raise my OWN vibration to where it really resides, I attract people who are committed to raise their OWN frequency to the level which creates the health, clarity, energy and life of their dreams.  Oh Yeah…I knew that…I just forgot!

The second thing I heard from Tiffi, and it really gave me comfort:  When I perform and deliver…such as the class last night...and really bless and inspire the people, ESPECIALLY when I don’t feel as good as I’m used to…I really serve and prove that I believe and live what I teach. She told me of some great leaders who delivered life-changing messages IN SPITE of how poorly they were feeling.

Thank-you for seeing the value in what I have to offer IN SPITE of what I am going through.

Well Im off to the clinic.  My intention is to make a positive difference for somebody today…

About Vicki Talmage

Vicki Talmage, author of "From Bin to Banquet" has been practicing and teaching the art of living well for the last 30 years. Catalyzed by her own journey to free herself from degenerative disease, she stepped out of the medical profession and into alternative health care at the advice of her colleagues. Vicki studied the Dr. Wood colonics method under Darlene Macey, never intending colon therapy to be her career. Using colonics, Raw Foods, wheatgrass juice, and simple herbs, she healed her body. She has been vegan for 30 years and Raw Vegan for the last 17 years

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    Please tell Vicki Bonnie J says hello and sends all her love. We became friends in ’98 in Utah, and I think of her often! If the name doesn’t ring a bell, I have Cerebral palsy–that’ll remind her.
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