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November 7, 2011

Ok! I’m finally doing it!!     Blogging…

I have put this off because I’m not feeling as chipper as I usually feel, and before that I’ve been TOO BUSY!  Am I the only one who uses that excuse?!?!

I have had vertigo and crippling headaches for 6 weeks now.  I say this because I’m finding out that there are very many of us suffering from this at this time.  Where did it come from that so many of us have been affected?

I finally found out, that my upper cervical vertibrae is off center to the right 4m (probably from the mountain bike accident 1992) .  Wow!  Dr McIntire, with The Specific Cervical Specialists (the only one in Utah!) told me that ‘way off center’ is 1/2m.  No wonder I have been hurting so much.  I think that I have been the clinic working 4 times in the last 6 weeks…thank you Tiffi!!

I have been using the Netipot with warm distilled water and DoTerra’s On Guard (2 drops), Eucalyptus Oil (1 drop), and Oregano Oil (1 drop, ouch!) twice a day.  This has helped me heal from an old sinus infection from many years ago.  Before I have an adjustment from the Dr’s at Specific Chiropractic Center, my sinus’s flare up with massive pain and vertigo, so I use the oils in the pot and on my face.  Oh did I mention that my face went numb on the right side?  The oils help keep the tissue warm and stimulated while I wait patiently for these adjustments to correct the problem.  I have only had 3 treatments, yet  I KNOW I will heal from this and then help others; in my Clinic with full cleansing, and DoTerra Oils, Raw Foods and getting people to just have their cervical 1 and 2 adjusted so that the communication lines are functioning again and the rest of the spine corrects itself. It makes sense!  I’m sure its easier if you don’t put it off, like I did.  Everything else I have been doing everyday…

I immediately went on my cleanse with colonics the first 4 weeks,  which eradiacated any excess mucus.  Coupled with the Raw Foods from Noelle, that she graciously makes for me along with other Raw Food Lovers on Monday, Wed and Fridays;  I am not ‘sick’ during this bout of challenges.  Dr Cheney told me that I was extremely healthy, that my skin was looking great, and because of the cleansing and the raw foods that I eat, my spine will heal quicker.  I am counting on that!

I am still keeping up with all of the lectures/discussions that I do, PREPARING well for them by taking care of myself first.  I have a Raw Food Storage Class this Wednesday…  I feel like I have nailed each one of the classes– and people who have been searching for answers, have found their missing pieces of their ‘puzzle of health’ with me and my clinic.  After 30 years, I hope I am making a difference for people somehow.

I am grateful for my book: “From Bin To Banquet“: Sprouts, the kale with the seed cheese and my dressings are sometimes the only foods I can get down, on the bad days.  Noelle’s soups are great. The Rejuvelac gives me alot of energy too, as tasting and smelling sometimes is difficult.  All the recipes are in that book, and I have been lining it!  I have lost about 11 pounds from being committed to taking care of myself. I didn’t plan on it, but I embrace the loss of excess, any way it comes!  I think its natural to lose weight this way…

I have been completing my personal Book lately.  It has been at the editor and they feel that 3 more chapters and I will be done.  There are a few inspiring tidbits that I am including, but all in all, I am proud to get that out.  People have been asking for it for 28 years!!  Finishing that will be a big accomplishment for me.  The other health books and recipe books are 85% finished, I have about 10 more.  I’ll just take them slow, they are alot funner and easier to write…and face.

Well, I have divulged alot about myself for one day!  I usually keep my challenges to myself, yet I am learning that I need you all too.  I hope that what I am going through will be helpful to some of you.  I know that I appreciate putting the challenges I experience to the test.  It isn’t fun, but I have to remember all of the years that I have felt fantastic and run circles around my friends and my grandkids.  I’ll be up for that soon, and until then, I will continue doing my own program!!  Off to the clinic tomorrow to assist others on their path.  The more I serve, SENSIBLY, the better I feel. Talk again soon…


About Vicki Talmage

Vicki Talmage, author of "From Bin to Banquet" has been practicing and teaching the art of living well for the last 30 years. Catalyzed by her own journey to free herself from degenerative disease, she stepped out of the medical profession and into alternative health care at the advice of her colleagues. Vicki studied the Dr. Wood colonics method under Darlene Macey, never intending colon therapy to be her career. Using colonics, Raw Foods, wheatgrass juice, and simple herbs, she healed her body. She has been vegan for 30 years and Raw Vegan for the last 17 years

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