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My Pondering on the Circles of Ministry…

“Earth moving” is the moment in life, when the reality hits us of our connectedness with each other. Its amazing to me how many ways “I feel the earth moves under my feet’ as I acknowledge the goodness in my life.  I had a friend ask me this week if I would take a minute to jot down some of what I have been experiencing concerning the relationship between giving and receiving and how that connects to our ministering to each other in our lives.  Heres what came out of it.  I thought I would share this with you.  Please comment on whatever it sparks in your memory of how you touch and have been touched in these amazing circles of influence in ‘ministering to’ and ‘being administered to’ in your own life.


  The Infinite Circle of Ministry by Vicki Talmage

“Earth moving” is the moment in life, when the reality hits us of our connectedness with each other.

The realization of its duality and the measurable power, which always accompanies it is mind changing. The results are displayed openly as any hidden intention is exposed; involuntarily accompanied with consequences of either constructive contribution or selfish snatching.

When intimately recognized by the mind, the intensity of this layer is stifling enough, yet as the student analyzes further, one sees a web of intricate circles which emulate out from the person and eventually make their way back.

The circles are infinite, and intricately woven in a delicate tapestry involving and including facets unseen, yet obvious when recognized.

It is a small cross-section of this miraculous principle that I will share with you in invitation to open your mind and eyes to this eternal vista of service…of ministry.  I am consciously aware that in the time these words expose themselves on paper, the circles will be multiplied innumerably, and will have drawn into this web of love, seemingly random people and experiences discovered later as deliberately imperative and meticulously genius.


As I walked into the A’capella room on a seemingly ordinary day, little did I know that the quiet young girl sitting near the back of the room, working to be as invisible as possible, would change forever my concept of independence and separateness from people and experiences around me. I thought I was living my life alone.

She wore a scarf tied smartly around her head to hide her baldness.  She had been suffering the consequences of radiation and chemotherapy.  Leukemia had not taken her identity. Her smile and the life in her eyes were a stark contrast to the pasty grey of her skin.

As I greeted her, there was a familiar warmth which accompanied her words, and we became instant friends at school.  Even at seventeen, he carried herself with dignified grace as she participated in all of the social events and taught us about living life regardless of any challenges we may be facing.

After school, I worked in the hospital.  Throughout the night I delivered lab reports to each of the floors.  One night as I was passing through the darkened cancer ward, I noticed a large family crowded into the hall.  As I passed the room, I recognized Cathy in the bed without her scarf, greeting each person and comforting them. My heart grew for her right then and there.

In the lab, I recognized her blood work and pathology as it came through, and I took a special interest in personally attending to her tests.  As the months went on, I began to notice a correlation between her results and the foods and substances she was eating. This sparked the scientist in me, and coupled with my study of D&C 89, I discovered a principle and a promise, which eventually saved my own life from Renal Carcinoma/Lymphoma and evolved into a business, which has successfully assisted tens of thousands of people along their course of finding health in the midst of their challenges.

My heart broke as I watched the degradation of Cathy’s body. She passed in dignity and grace a few months later. At her funeral, our A’capella sang.  Her mother spoke.  I needed to be in a hurry to get to work, but I went up and introduced myself and shared with her the spiritual experience that I had with Cathy as our A’capella was singing during the service.  Again, I felt that familiar warmth, coming from her mother this time, and I discovered a deep friendship and love that would grow from year to year.

Joanne and I became instant friends.  When I lost my mother and brothers the next year, she filled in those gaps for me.  There was nothing I couldn’t talk with her about and her advice was like gold.

She came into my clinic and participated in my program to prevent disease by choosing healthy habits of eating and cleansing and thinking.  It was a privilege to serve her and watch her body and mind grow stronger each year.

Throughout the following 30 years, we would be mother, sister, and best friend as we supported each other through life’s challenges. A few years ago when she suffered a heart attack, it was her commitment to eating foods that supported healing, coupled with cleansing her body, which enhanced her recovery and got her through.

I was inspired at her love and patience with the people around her who struggled with her eating differently. Her gentle devotion to her body coupled with her deep love and thoughtfulness to those around her taught me the delicate balance in living around others who do not like change, yet change was imperative for her to survive and live.

After 30 years of living my own program and teaching and facilitating tens of thousands of clients and friends, my own life came in jeopardy. I was fiercely independent, as not to ever be a burden to anyone else.  Raising 7 children on my own, I was consciously aware and worked to be a ‘package’ for any prospective husband as not to burden them with any responsibility to include my children and myself emotionally and financially into his life.  I did not feel comfortable with the fact that my choices and my weaknesses affected others.  I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone.  I could give and give; yet I refused help.  I could not receive. I was driven, yet I still took meticulous care of myself physiologically and emotionally.

How ironic, that within 2 months in Oct 2011, I was completely incapacitated.  Vertigo had rendered me helpless with no balance to walk, drive or work.  Constant intense pain in my head and blindness in my right eye created impossibility to function in everyday activities.  Cognitively I couldn’t put my thoughts into words that could be communicated.  I couldn’t swallow and any food became repulsive. My bodily functions all stopped. I had been on a mission of service, working day and night to assist others who were struggling with their life, and now here I needed others just to remind me to breathe!  I was cut off from my world. I was dying

On Dec 7th the neurosurgeon removed a brain tumor, half the size of my brain, which was sitting right on the brainstem, and had been shutting down my autonomic nervous system.  He said that it probably had been growing throughout my life, and the way that I had been eating and caring for my body was instrumental in preserving my life to this point.  It was now killing me for the sole reason that my body could adapt no further, it had reached its full capacity in the size of my skull.

Thirty years of practicing with others what I learned from Cathy, had literally saved my life, yet my life was substantially different.  Again, thanks to Cathy’s inspiring behavior, my attitude has been one of positive faithful recovery. My friends and family have told me how gracious I was to my visitors and my medical attendants in the ICU when I was still under the powerful grip of Morphine and painkillers and barely consciously aware of what was going on outside of myself.

Again thanks to the pattern I observed in Cathy when I was seventeen.

The very people I served in years past are the very people who are saving me in my desperate time of need, even if they are not still here on the planet.

During my rehabilitation, coincidentally-or not, I am located close to Joanne. She is not driving now because of the loss of her eyesight from Macular Degeneration, but SHE is the one who comes to visit me. She brings that comfortable warmth of home, coupled with the inspiring words that I need to hear as I am relearning to walk, see, hear and build my confidence again as I meld myself back into the social world.


Just documenting this touching cycle of love with Joanne and her daughter Cathy, has been difficult in the fact that I would have to write a book to include all of the other dimensional circles of ministry, given and received, within this time period of my life.  It is mind boggling when you bring and acknowledge these people and experiences to the forefront of your consciousness, yet it is very comforting to know that there is a divine hand which guides us all together into the paths we share.


Whether it is the 8-year-old neighborhood girl who comes over and plays my grand piano that she notices from the sidewalk, and grows over the years to be a dear friend who rolls up her sleeves with me in serving underprivileged Navaho friends. And then giving her my support, love, and words to remind her when she goes through her tempestuous teenage years, of her divine identity in embracing ALL of the uniqueness of who she is as she rightfully separates herself from the throngs of sameness which is socially acceptable, without losing herself in the dangerous gulf of the opposite polarity.

Or whether it is the client who was suffering from Dengue Fever from a service of ministry in South America, and ends up coming into my clinic and changing her life and mind in every aspect to lose 120 pounds and the accompanying emotional baggage. Out of the blue, she asks me to train her to be my assistant in the clinic, so she can serve others in the same way she was served.

During my surgery, she became my adopted daughter and with my children, was right by my side.  She is now MY therapist and assisting ME in recovering and creating a permanent solution to this recent health challenge.


Every encounter in our lives is personally crafted by the Masters hand.

IF we make ourselves present in every moment, to recognize it and remember Him in it, we see how the tapestry ties and holds us in the featherbed of His love and safety. 

In hindsight after overcoming trials, it is visibly apparent to see the ‘path of the past’ paved with profound ordinary people and experiences, which have hidden within each of them a connection to circles around us, which may seem unrelated, yet are profoundly interconnected.

Truly we are in the Master’s hand, if we allow it. I don’t think it is humanly possible to pre-think and meditate how exquisitely our lives come together in perfect harmony with those around us, present or deceased.  Each interaction has profound affect for good or for ill in each of our lives, whether we know it or not, and whether we know the people or not. 

It is within each of our grasp, while we are consciously here on this planet, to be an intricate part of the circle of influence in another’s life to bless and comfort and guide them in times of uncertainty to a safety zone. This is only half of the equation.  The other half of this ministry not only involves wise receiving and possibly learning the art of asking for what we need, but finalizing the gift by noticing it and acknowledging it into conscious existence. 

It is in this grateful acknowledgement, that we find ourselves as intricate and necessary threads in the fabric of our lives together; without which the unraveling could be devastating for us all. 

Definitely the conscious realization of our connectedness to each other holds within it the power to move the earth. 

Thank you for being in mine and acknowledging me with you in yours. We are infinitely connected in His tapestry of love.






About Vicki Talmage

Vicki Talmage, author of "From Bin to Banquet" has been practicing and teaching the art of living well for the last 30 years. Catalyzed by her own journey to free herself from degenerative disease, she stepped out of the medical profession and into alternative health care at the advice of her colleagues. Vicki studied the Dr. Wood colonics method under Darlene Macey, never intending colon therapy to be her career. Using colonics, Raw Foods, wheatgrass juice, and simple herbs, she healed her body. She has been vegan for 30 years and Raw Vegan for the last 17 years

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  1. Vicki! What a joyous miracle to hear that you have passed through a new crisis and are still singing! You have been on an amazing journey! I have so many beautiful memories of beautiful you! Thanks for the difference you have made to all who now you. We are better and more loving because of being in your circle of influence. When you feel up to it go to http://www.celebrating to view the flyer for my workshop that begins April 14th at my home! Blessings! Shanna

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