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Keep Moving Forward: Update on Vicki and the Gamma Knife Procedure

Hello Friends and Family!

As many of you know, Vicki was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November 2011 and had emergency brain surgery in December 2011. The neurosurgeon was able to remove all of the tumor except a small piece lodged deep in her inner ear, for fear of disturbing her facial nerve which is located right where the tumor grew. We posted updates on this blog back in 2012 if you are interested in reading more details about that procedure.

In March of this year, Vicki went in for an MRI to check the status of the remaining piece of tumor. The tumor was beginning to grow again, and this time a cyst was growing with it.

Luckily, the growth was still at a manageable size where the neurosurgeon felt comfortable treating it with the Gamma Knife Radiation treatment. Undergoing radiation treatment is hardly a delightful option to hear, but cutting into Vicki’s brain again holds the risk of exposing an already vulnerable brain and possibly difficult side effects and recovery. There are still risks with the Gamma Knife, and disturbing the facial nerve can still be one of them.

Yesterday, Vicki completed the Gamma Knife Radiation treatment. The treatment was successful as far as we know, and we will meet with the radiologist in four weeks to discuss her progress and determine the next steps.

Vicki did really well during the procedure and is home resting now. Her head feels better while she is down and the weakness she feels will improve each day. The face nerve seems untouched, yay!!!! Thank you for all your love and prayers- she says over and over how connected we all are and just how much we need each other to take care of each other.

Lots of love from her to you,

XoXo Vicki’s Family











Waiting for the Gamma Knife Procedure…with the Halo On!


photo 1 copy










Vicki at home resting after the procedure


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