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Several of our Clients want to do a Cleanse but don’t know where to start or don’t have time to make the food that goes with Cleansing. Even between cleanses many want to incorporate more living foods into their diet. We now offer to make your food for you! Call, text or email our Vegan and Raw Food Chef Noelle today to learn more and place your order for personalized Raw Food!

Living Raw

What is Living Food?

Living food is alive. It is rich in enzymes, which are important to digest foods and break up aggregated substances that the body stores. Living enzymes are vital to assist the body in protecting itself from disease.

History is replete with diseases decimating communities for the lack of fresh, live foods. Clearly, living foods are the vital key to optimum health. Living foods are our highest source of ready to use vitamins and minerals. In fact, the body readily absorbs minerals through the photosynthesis process- from plants. Plants and greens are our greatest source of fresh, absorbable minerals and vitamins; they are the most economical foods, and the most valuable to your body, and the easiest foods to grow.

Our culture today has become obsessed with self-image: How can I become as skinny as that model? I know I’m aging, but I still want the skin I had when I was 20. My hair is changing, my teeth and gums look terrible, I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. The world views this as an investment opportunity, constantly creating the next best weight loss system, machines that will lose the weight for you, Plastic Surgery, Lipo-Suction, etc. All of these things may show improvement in your image, but there is a simple and friendlier solution to becoming a healthy, younger looking you.

Think Positive Thoughts:

First, cut yourself a break. Most of the images thrown at us everywhere we look are severely inaccurate. Many are trained in the art of  photo-shopping or altering ones image, often times to unrealistic measures. You feel the way you do because of the way you look at yourself. The first step to becoming healthier is by working on the way that you see yourself, and the thoughts that you think. When you look in the mirror, instead of seeing your imperfections, turn the negative feelings into positive compliments. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, and how grateful you are to have a body that can move and support you in everyday life.

Improve Your Diet:

Along with changing your thoughts, improve your diet. Take whatever steps you can to begin to incorporate healthy, enzyme rich foods daily. Mucus forming foods like eggs, milk, cheese, flour, pasta and dairy products stick to the Villi (the agents of absorption in the small intestines). Clean this out of your intestines by first, discontinuing use of these foods as a staple in your diet, and secondly by eating cleansing foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds, and Wheat Grass Juice. A gallon of steamed-distilled water each day benefits this process as well.

Green vegetables are a great assistant to alkalize the body and rid the tissues, organs and passageways of degenerative toxins. It will serve your health if at least 50% of your daily food consumption is raw, unprocessed vegetables.

Remember, any living food that you can add to meals, including snacks, will enhance the quality of your body’s cells, resulting in healthy-looking skin, stronger body and bones, better mental clarity, increased energy and vitality, and a feeling of well being. Why not begin feeling this way today?