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Terms & Conditions

I hereby authorize Vitae Healing Center at Fort Union (hereinafter “Vitae Health”) and any employees, assistants or independent contractors of its choice to provide Colon Hydrotherapy (“hereinafter at times “Therapy”) to me pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1. I have been informed and fully understand that Colon Hydrotherapy has been presented to me as a hygienic method of cleansing the colon.  I agree and acknowledge that Colon Hydrotherapy has not been presented to me as a treatment or cure for any illness or specific disease, or with any guarantees that it will cure or protect against disease or illness.  I understand and acknowledge that the Vitae Health therapist performing Colon Hydrotherapy is NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR OR NATUROPATH and cannot provide me with medical services, diagnosis or medical advice of any kind.
2. I understand and agree that this visit for Colon Hydrotherapy is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or correct any disease or medical condition that I may have.  I agree to seek medical treatment and advice from a physician regarding all medical and health care matters.

3. I understand that I will not receive a diagnosis nor be given prescription medication.  I may be given information about certain foods, nutritional supplements and cleansing products to help me in finding out and implementing a beneficial health program.  I acknowledge that Vitae Health has encouraged me to talk with my doctor concerning the use of any such supplements or products previous to my cleanse.  Some clients have experienced mild discomfort or feelings of lethargy, weakness or electrolyte imbalance as their bodies adjust to the use of various cleansing products and nutritional supplements.  These feelings and reactions are generally temporary. I agree to contact Vitae Health if I have any of these reactions.

4. I understand and agree that any statements made by the hydrotherapist are the opinions of the hydrotherapist and do not constitute diagnosis or medical advice. The statements have not been verified by a physician. I acknowledge that any statement made should be verified by a physician.

5. I agree that if I have any questions or concerns about the use of these products or what I may experience with my cleansing, I will contact a doctor and Vitae Health’s office to troubleshoot and more clearly personalize any future cleanse. If there is a medical or health emergency situation I will contact an emergency room. I have previously consulted my physician prior to beginning the cleanse, OR I take upon myself sole responsibility for my own choice to have a cleanse, and to purchase any products offered.

6. I understand that I hold Vitae Health, its members, managers, agents, licensee’s and independent contractors harmless for any cleansing reactions my body may experience as I conduct myself through a body cleanse.  I understand I am solely responsible for my own health and choose, of my own free will, to use the Vitae Health information solely as a resource. I am participating in Colon Hydrotherapy of my own free will and choice and at my own expense.  I agree that payment for Colon Hydrotherapy is payable in full at the time of treatment.

7. I further agree that any legal dispute arising from or relating to the formation of this Agreement, the covenants, terms or conditions set forth herein or any aspect of Colon Hydrotherapy which has been provided to me will be determined by binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.  All arbitration proceedings shall be held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I agree that the decision of an arbitration panel will be conclusive and legally binding upon me and may be confirmed and enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction.

8. I understand that all unopened product returns are gladly honored as an “IN CLINIC” credit for colonics. We do not issue cash refunds.

I have read and understand the above-referenced provisions and accept the proposed terms and care regardless of the medical or legal risks involved and I declare that I understand and accept all of the risks.  All of my questions about Colon Hydrotherapy have been answered to my satisfaction.